NOTE: When determining total rental time, you must also include decorating / set up time.

  • Rental Fee (All festivities must cease before midnight. You have until 1am to clean. If there is no event the following day, you MAY be able to arrange with attendant to return next day. This must be arranged BEFORE your event.)
    • Up to 3 hours (Hunt County non-profit organizations)
      • $200 (7am-5pm)
      • $250 (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and all Federal holidays)
      • $100 (1.5 hour use – i.e., lunches)
      • Each additional hour (up to 2) $40
      • Deposit $200 / $150 (prior approved users) / $400 if alcohol
    • Up to 3 hours (all other users)
      • $250 (7am-5pm)
      • $350 (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and all Federal holidays)
      • (If serving alcohol must pay full day amount)
      • Each additional hour (up to 2) $50
      • Deposit $150 weekdays / $250 weekends
    • Full Day (more than 5 hours) (Use until 12:00am + up to 1 hour for cleaning)
      • $750 – if alcohol
      • $600 – no alcohol
      • Deposit $400 if alcohol / $250 if no alcohol (all out of state use this deposit schedule)
  • Set Up Fees (If we substantially change our normal set up for Rotary meetings or if you ask to set up for you)
    • $100
  • Law Enforcement Fees (If there is to be alcohol, whether you provide or it is BYOB, we must obtain security for your event through the Greenville Police Department.)
    • $50 per hour per policeman (They must stay until your cleanup is done. Actual hours and number of police will be determined at time of contract. 1 law enforcement officer per 100 people, or fraction thereof.
  • Overtime Use Fee (If you do not vacate the building by the time specified on your contract)
    • $100 per hour with a minimum of $100


Fully refundable if all items on Refund Checklist are marked “Satisfactory”. Otherwise refund amount will be based on compliance with checklist and any damage assessment.

To have your deposit refunded you must “leave it like you found it”:

  • Clean up the premises and there must be no damage. It must be like you found it!
  • Cleaning includes (but is not limited to):
    • Bussing all tables and taking out all decorations, trash, etc.
    • There is to be nothing left in any part of the building relative to the event
    • All furniture/surfaces are to be wiped down and left in the condition in which it was rented.
    • The outside area must also be clenaed with no trash lying in any of the parking lots used by your guests.
    • The entire outside area must be free of debris, including cigarette butts, unless they are in the sand containers provided.

Additional fees may be required due to the nature of the event. This will be determined at the time of the contract signing.

Cancellation: All fees will be refunded 100% if done more than 7 days before event.

We accept cash, check, or money order.

Tables & Chairs

Included in the rental is:

  • 145 white banquet chairs
  • 12 5-foot round white matching tables
  • 2 6-foot round tables
  • 16 8′-x-30″ (some are 36″ wide) banquet tables
  • 5 8′-x-36″ very heavy banquet tables (these are usually used for food)

Kitchen Facilities

The kitchen facilities have been approved by the health inspector and includes:

  • 6 burner commercial stove
  • 2-3 coffee pots
  • 3-hole sink
  • Commercial Ice Maker
  • Microwave
  • Aluminum prep table
  • Refrigerator (small home type)

PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT have access to the A/V system unless a Rotarian is present at your event.

Absolutely nothing is to be hung on or attached to the walls by any means, including but not limited to nails, tacks, double-sided tape, command strips, teacher putty, etc.

Availability Calendar

For scheduling, call 903-454-2345 or email [email protected]